This blog is a creative platform and sharing space for women sex workers who access services at the charity M.A.S.H. Manchester Action on Street Health.

Sex work is often perceived as a life style choice in which a woman actively chooses to take part in sexual activity in order to make money and fund drug habits. The reality of this is far more complex, many of the woman have experienced profound and multiple disadvantages throughout their lifes and find difficulty in maintaining settled and secure living.

The content of this blog has been contributed to by service users at M.A.S.H.  The intention of this is to share their experiences in the hope of inspiring each other to make positive life changes. It is also intended to highlight the issues faced on a daily basis by sex workers to help challenge stereotypes and educate readers about social marginalization in our society.

These posts are edited and adapted , with the women`s permission, from work created in creative writing sessions at M.A.S.H. facilitated by Rachel Shore from January 2018

For more information please visit  http://www.mash.org.uk/


MASH 25 years

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