WE WOMEN a collective poem by service users for International Women`s day 2018

We Women


We women are,

 we are strong

and we get through whatever life throws at us.

We are women are fighters of justice, of peace.

We are believers in equality, in respect ,and that

we are enough.

We women wish

that people would listen to each other.

We wish things could be different and this government didn’t exist.

We wish for better days.

We wish for loved ones to return to us.

We wish and we wait.

We women have,

we have the same thoughts,

 the same desires of anyone else in this world.

We have to overcome fears, recondition our brains.

We have voices that need hearing.

We have mountains to climb

and we have friends that believe in us.

We women will,

we will always be independent women.

We will take time to help each other and always care.

We will keeping giving

and walk through life with heads high.

Because we women can.

( created collectively by service users at M.A.S.H. edited by Rachel Shore)


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