Who would you share a last meal with?

We asked who would we share a meal with, anyone alive, dead, fantasy or famous?

What would you eat and where would it be?

Here is our answers…..

I would have one of my nans most amazing roast dinners

I would have a meal with Malcolm X , I would eat wherever he wants as long as hes paying

I would go for a meal with Steve Irwin, he cared for all animals.he had a good physique,lovely tanned skin,handsome,he showed real heart. He taught his daughter how to reach out to animals.He died by stingray. We would eat banana boat ice cream,a glass of wine,in the middle of no-where,Love Island!!

Id have a Jamaican meal with Bob Marley, with a glass of rum!

I would have dinner with Oprah Winfrey. We would eat mangos,curry goat and rice and cheesecake. we would eat it at the top of the world.

Id have a MacDonalds with my wife!!


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