A collective ghost story

This story is currently in the making as women taking part in the creative writing sessions have been asked to add a paragraph at a time, please keep visiting our blog to read more of the story as it unfolds

What was I seeing with my unseen eye?

I was stood on top of the light house looking down on to the sea to see what I could see and what I saw  was nothing but shadows passing though  the water’s edge in the night light. The main light from the light house shone  ever so bright on the sea front , suddenly I saw a shadow of what look like a man stood looking back at me, so I let out a mighty scream only to release it was just a reflection given off by the light or was it ? As the night air wrapped my body in a cold embrace I decided to seek some warmth and turned to head home. The road up into the village was quiet, still and eerie. I past the graveyard, out the corner of my eye came the glimpse of a hooded figure, I was already feeling scared and lonely, as I had most of my life. I hesitated and didn’t know is I should run, or was natural curious nature going to compel me to overcome my fear and approach the figure. Well I found myself walking over to the figure. As I approached I realized the figure was quite still and not moving at all. It all became clear that I had been given the heebie jeebies by a headstone. I looked closer, squinting my eyes in the darkness, the headstone read “Here lies gold digger, Take 15 steps to the right, 15 steps left, facing south. The last laugh is on me” I flowed the instructions, suddenly realizing I was back where I started, annoyingly I sensed I wasn’t the first to fall for this joke. In the corner of my eye the moonlight caught the metal of the disguarded spade, probably left by old Tom the grave digger. “Maybe the last laugh is on me!” I said out loud and began to dig . I dug and dug but to no joy, I found myself deep in this huge hole and not knowing exactly how I could get myself out of it. The funny thing is I realized that many times in my life I`ve been in this position. My thoughts were broken by the piercing cries of a crow, my heart skipped in scare, I realized I needed to escape this hole, my bare hands gripped at the cold earth as I pulled myself out. Suddenly my fingers tapped an object buried in the dirt, half visible in the dark, it was a ……

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