This piece of prose had been written by Barbara

When you first start taking it you don`t know that it will become a habit and no matter how you take it..its the devils drug. It controls your mind, body and soul. When you haven`t got it you can feel your blood boiling , the aches and pains our unbearable.Then you have it, it feels like you are wrapped in a woolly blanket, on the best fairground ride ever. When your blood finally calms down you feel like you are floating on air and that you can walk across water like a God.  

It starts of being an addiction then becomes an illness,without it your blood boils and blisters so bad around your body that it feels like your possessed by evil spirits. Your mind feels like your body wants it that much that you will do anything for the money, it becomes so out of control that you could rob someone just to feel normal.

Whatever normal is.

That`s my story of heroin.


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