“The magic under the stairs!! ” Shari Denson speaks about photography

ShariexhibShari Denson is the Service User Involvement Officer at MASH and has worked as a freelance professional photographer within the Manchester music industry.

She has been producing images of bands from Manchester and much further afield since 2002. Probably best known for her grainy, often stark and high contrast black and white images her work has been used by Ian Brown, Elbow and I am Kloot to name but a few Northern bands she has worked with.

Her photography is full of energy, movement, emotion and contrast, making her style unique and recognisable. Shari is part of the Suffragette City Exhibition at the Refuge in Manchester, celebrating the work and contribution of women in the music industry. Often a very male led environment, “The Lads Club”.  More details on her artistic inspiration and vision is documented about throughout the event being held at The Refuge from the 23rd Feb to the 10th of March.

” Dad was the coolest rock star!! He was a keen photographer too, and used to describe to me how as a teenager he’d used the under-stairs cupboard as a darkroom. The process he described sounded magical to me. Little did I know that I would go on do exactly the same as I got older, processing my negatives under my stairs. There’s something utter enchanting about doing that, having to wait and see your images in negative form as you stretch the roll out and hold it up to the light at the end of a relatively long process….the excitement and then the pure joy when you see that the shot has come out exactly how you wanted it to. Magical.”

For more information on the Suffragette City Exhibition please visit


(Photograph credit Stuart Hadfield)


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